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November 19, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
A group of your classmates walked past the window laughing and joking about something you couldn't hear from your position high up by the window of the school library. It was a nice day to be hanging out with someone. Too bad you were stuck inside writing a simple report for your physiology class.

You were about to flip the page to your reference book when a pair of hands slip under your arms and gave your breasts a generous squeeze causing you to scream out loud in the library.

"Shhhhh!" someone shushed you from another bookshelf. Apparently that person couldn't see what sort of sight was happening at that given moment.

"Y-Yong Soo!" you hissed recognizing the perverted Korean's bad habit. "Stop it! I'm in the middle of trying to write a report!"

You felt Yong Soo's nose creep up into your hair and inhale your fruity shampoo-rich scent. His breath came out in hot ticklish breaths that sent shivers down your spine.

"School's been out for almost an hour. Are you having trouble with your report, ____________?" Yong Soo asked peeking over your shoulder to see the notes you had written down.

"I'm almost done," you frowned. "How about you? What are you still doing here?"

"I just finished cleaning up the entire Asian classrooms with Kiku and Yao," your Korean classmate told you with a smile. You noticed his hands were still on your breasts making the moment even more awkward.

"I can help you if you'd like, ____________," Yong Soo offered. "After all, straight A's originated from me."

You rolled your eyes exasperatedly. Only Yong Soo would go around claiming things originated from him. Even so, he wasn't lying about the straight A's. While he didn't look like it, Yong Soo was one of the smartest guys in the whole school.

"I guess you could help me," you replied skeptically. Suddenly, Yong Soo's hands squeezed your breasts even harder—probably out of excitement—causing you to scream even louder than before.

"That's it!" a librarian snapped walking over to the two of you with her hands on her hips. "This isn't that kind of place, you two! If you want to study whatever it is you're studying, go somewhere else!"

After a series of apologies, you and Yong Soo were kicked out of the library and were forced to go to a vacant classroom to study.

"Thanks a lot, Yong Soo," you sarcastically grumbled leafing through your books to see if there was anything else that might have been useful for your report.

"Anytime!" Yong Soo beamed oblivious to the fact that you were being sarcastic. "So what's your report about again?"

"It's just a physiology report on the different organ systems of the body," you told him pointing at your report. "I've got just about all of them down. The last one is…" You swallowed. "…the reproductive system."

Yong Soo blinked. "But that one's easy! It comes naturally!"

You forced a frown so your classmate wouldn't see you beginning to blush like an idiot. "That's not the point, Yong Soo. There are certain…components to the reproductive system and the whole thing is making me uncomfortable—Why am I even talking to you about this?!"

"Because good listening originated from me," Yong Soo laughed. You couldn't tell if he was joking or not.

"Whatever, Yong Soo," you sighed. "I don't really need your help—or at least, I don't want your help. I can do this by myself."

You were hoping your perverted Korean classmate would just leave right then and there, but unsurprisingly, he up and grabbed your breasts again—this time, he went underneath your shirt.

"If you really want to know how the reproductive system works, we can learn through first-hand experience," Yong Soo whispered seductively into your ear.

"Y-Yong Soo…?" you stammered confused at your classmate's sudden change in behavior. He didn't look like he was joking around anymore. As if out of nowhere, his personality changed from that of being annoying and joking to seductive and serious.

"I've always liked you, _____________," Yong Soo told you with a hushed voice. "You've always been able to put up with me more than my brothers and friends, and you don't hit me when I touch you."

Your eye twitched. "Do you want me to hit you?"

"You won't. I know you enough."

Dammit, Yong Soo was smart, alright. Still, you weren't about to let him get his way just because of a stupid report.

"Yong Soo, it's too soon for anything like that."

"You haven't even seen what I can do," the Korean whispered into your ear. You shuddered again.

"Don't…" you whimpered trying to keep your physiological senses from bubbling up, but Yong Soo turned you around and pressed his lips firmly on yours worming his tongue inside your mouth and feeling around. You grunted and bit down on his lip making him retreat and take a moment to breathe.

"Heh. You actually bit me,____________," he chuckled wiping away a thin trail of blood that was coming out of his bottom lip. "That turns me on."

Your eyes grew wide as Yong Soo moved closer and smashed his lips on yours in a heavy kiss and grabbed onto your wrists so you couldn't move. Unlike you, Yong Soo was incredibly tall and muscular from working out so he was easily able to dominate you and throw you straight onto the classroom floor.

"Yong…Soo…" you panted in between kisses.

What was going on? You thought of screaming to notify someone, but another part of you was telling yourself to keep silent and let Yong Soo really show you a thing or two about the reproductive system. You closed your eyes as you felt him seize both ends of your top and tear it down the middle ripping away most of the buttons. Then, his hands dug past your shirt and snaked around your back to undo your bra. When he released the clasp, he slipped of your lacy bra revealing your breasts that had hardened at the tops from the stimulation generated by Yong Soo's kissing.

"Your breasts belong to me now, ___________," Yong Soo whispered, his voice dripping with seduction.

"Then you'd better know what to do with them," you smirked waiting for Yong Soo to take action. Sure enough, he began to set to work stripping down the rest of your top so your chest was lying flat on the cold but clean classroom floor. Then, he began to take off his own uniform revealing his flawless set of pectorals and abs and a bunch of other muscles you learned about in your physiology class.

Yong Soo leaned forward and began to nip at your neck until you could have sworn he drew blood. His large hands were cupped firmly on your breasts thoroughly massaging them and feeling how ripe and tender they were. It was a wonder as to why everyone else he did this to would be so disturbed by it. Yong Soo knew how to make you feel good.

All of a sudden, Yong Soo flipped you on your front and pressed his firm chest against your back. He was starting to break out in a hot sweat from getting aroused at being able to get a chance to touch you like this. Now you were defenseless in protecting your breasts from his hands. As he squeezed your breasts, you could feel his member erecting and growing harder into a bulge from beneath his pants. It was poking at your behind pleading to get free so it could be inside of you. You were getting to that point where you needed Yong Soo inside of you—and you needed him fast.

"Yong Soo…" you moaned latching onto the legs of a nearby chair so you could support yourself while he rubbed your breasts.

"Hang on, _____________," Yong Soo whispered and removed one of his hands away from your chest and slipped it inside your panties and closer to your opening. Then, he plunged his fingers inside, scissoring in and out and scraping your walls. It was all you could do to hold your breath to prevent yourself from screaming aloud. He kept at this until he reached your G-spot making you arch your back and ram it into his chest.

"Yong Soo…" you panted feeling your senses grow woozy and sluggish from the pleasure he was giving you. You could feel yourself coming spilling fluids onto Yong Soo's fingers and soaking your panties through and through. Your partner responded by slipping off your panties along with your pants so your bottom was exposed to him. With your opening expanded thanks to Yong Soo's fingering, he took his length from out of his pants and began to thrust it inside of you.

The wind escaped out of your lungs in small rapid breaths as Yong Soo thrust himself further and further inside of you. You didn't expect it to be so stiff. The more it went in, the more it hurt, but you wanted him to take it all the way. Your primal instincts were wide-awake craving maximum pleasure out of whatever Yong Soo could offer you.

To support himself, Yong Soo grabbed onto your breasts and began you pound inside of you. You could feel his erect member releasing his seed bit by bit with every thrust until it began to overflow out of you trailing down your legs. By now, you had gone completely limp from your orgasm and were waiting for Yong Soo to finish up so you could do your report. You didn't cry, but you constantly moaned and mewed while Yong Soo fondled with your breasts. He occasionally kissed you, but he was more interested in playing with his new belongings to care about turning you around.

Finally, Yong Soo was spent, and he released your body and fell on top of your back in a sweaty mess of fluids and hot breathing.

"Looks like you have to clean up the classroom again," you giggled weakly as you turned around to look him in the eyes.

"Yeah," Yong Soo chuckled and gave you a quick peck on your cheek. "So you think you have enough data for your report?"

You blushed and looked away. "I think I do," you reluctantly answered. "…Thanks, Yong Soo."

"Anytime, ____________," Yong Soo smiled.


Sure enough, you ended up getting an A on your report. Maybe having your breasts being claimed by Yong Soo wasn't so bad after all.
This is a request for :iconcrystalberu:.

It's only my second lemon so it's probably bad, too. I swear, I'd never do these if they weren't requests. :icononionfailplz:

Axis Powers: Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:.
This story :iconteralgeo:.
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Cloud-Cakes Feb 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, time to clean all of this blood off of my phone! And get a new pair of ovaries...
Great lemon!!! :meow:
Oh my. Thank you. :blushes:
Cloud-Cakes Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem :3
Ahh he can claim my breast anytime c:
Cinnarollu Dec 22, 2013
Hell yeah~;3
my health teacher: *rant rant*

Me: *yawn*

Korea: ".... First hand experience...."

O////////////////////////O I need to ask him for help on my reports more often...
ilovechina123 Dec 2, 2013  Student Writer
Oznamuno19 Nov 22, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That was amazing you can write great lemons and can i hug you for this.... dont care!!!!! *hugz you*
This is awesome, why would you think it's bad?
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