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The girl was playing innocently on the sofa tearing it up with her unnaturally long nails. Ludwig sighed. He didn't understand why he had to take care of ____________ for Feliciano. His bumbling Italian friend knew he didn't like cats very much. In fact, because he was left to care for her, he had to put his three dogs in the pet-sitting center for the week so ____________ wouldn't feel uncomfortable.

To Ludwig, keeping someone like ____________ was almost borderline human ownership: while ___________ may have had cat ears and a cat-like tail, she was very much a human. She spoke like a human (save for the occasional meowing), she ate like a human (though she had a strong preference for fish according to Feliciano), and she acted like a human (but she slept more than Feliciano and enjoyed amusing herself by destroying furniture and getting too comfortable with strangers).

Vhat a pain… he thought as he watched ___________ rip out a good piece of the sofa sending spurs of fluff and cloth flying over the carpet.

"Hey! Zhat sofa is not a scratching post!" he barked and walked over to _____________ who had flinched from the sudden loudness of his voice. It took some effort, but he managed to pry her fingers—or rather, claws—off of his prized antique sofa.

I really should have thought about sealing everything with plastic wrap before she came here… he mentally sighed.

"___________, I want you to stay put, and don't touch anything, understand?" he asked looking down at _____________ who was playing with one of his military-tied shoe laces.

"Luddy, I'm hungry," _____________ meowed. Her pupils looked like they were always dilated giving her eyes a large appearance like they were a set of immense orbs. Her cat ears twitched and her tail waved back and forth in impatience as her temporary master was glaring at her with an expression that was far from being amused.

I don't know how Feliciano puts up with her… he thought and pulled his shoe back so he could work on preparing some food for Feliciano's "pet."

After ___________ had finished eating breakfast, she was ready for yet another nap. The strange thing about her was that while she slept a lot during the day, she was very active during the night—quite unlike a normal human being, but Feliciano had said that she wasn't a human; she was a neko girl.

She's not very useful, Ludwig thought as he watched ___________ curl up into a harmless ball and fall fast asleep. Maybe now I can finish up with zhe paperwork my boss gave me.

It was only about one hour into working when Ludwig heard a loud crashing noise followed by a crying sound.

"_____________!" he immediately said and got out of his chair. "Vhat has she done zhis time?!"

When he finally found ____________, she was kicking away some broken shards of porcelain mixed with scattered leafs of paper and ink. She made a mess—a mess Ludwig would have to clean up.

"Zhat's it!" he roared and dragged __________ by her hand. _____________ mewed in pain and tried to pry him away, but his grip was much too strong.

"You know what happens to animals that misbehave?" he growled glaring at _____________ with any icy expression.

_____________ didn't say anything. She only looked up at him with fearful eyes.

"We lock them up!" he answered and began to drag her to his "special" closet that was hidden behind his heavy bookshelf in his study room. The walls were soundproof so no matter how much she would have cried out, no one would be able to hear her cry.

"No, Luddy!" ____________ wailed and began to cry and make a shrill meowing noise.

"Quiet!" Ludwig shouted and continued to take her to the closet. When he had finally dragged her inside, he grabbed a collar and slung it over her neck causing her to gag and scratch at it.

"Stay still!" he growled and then began to strap her to the stretching table in the middle of the room so she wouldn't touch any of his toys. _____________ began to sob like crazy. Looking down at her, Ludwig noticed how helpless and exposed she was. Then, he began to have thoughts—thoughts of the past and what his old bosses had encouraged. _______________ had fit the bill for all of the old criteria: she was inferior, she was strapped, and…she was partially an animal…a cute animal.

"Luddy…" ____________ whimpered still trying to struggle free. Her movements had slowly dramatically since she had expended most of her energy trying to break from him when she was being dragged.

The paperwork can wait, the back of Ludwig's head told him, urging him to try out those practices again.

Nein! Don't think about zhat stuff! the other part of Ludwig's head told him. This is Feliciano's…pet! She isn't yours. You're just bringing her here until she can learn to behave!

"Luddy…" ______________ mewed. She was still staring at him with her enormous eyes. Those eyes…They glimmered with such innocence—an innocence Ludwig's inner id wanted to take away.

Don't think about it, he told himself. Don't think about it…

"Luddy!" ______________ sobbed. Tears were beginning to stream out of her eyes. The cat part of her didn't like being tied up in the slightest. Maybe…

"_____________," Ludwig said in an unusually soft voice. "You've been misbehaving ever since you got here. I gave you many chances, but you abused every single one. I feel zhat it is only fair that you receive a punishment."

____________ sniffed. "Will it hurt?"

Ludwig eyed ______________ with a hungry expression. "Zhat depends on how much you vant it to."


You didn't understand what Ludwig had meant when he said it would only hurt if you wanted it to. How was pain not supposed to hurt? Either way, you just wanted to get out of the stuffy ropes and collar. You hated having the loathsome thing around your neck and only wanted to go back to taking your nap. If possible, you would promise not to misbehave again. Ludwig terrified you. He wasn't kind like Feliciano, and you would be sure not to make him cross again. But first, there was the punishment he had mentioned earlier.

After freeing your wrists and ankles from the table, Ludwig had taken you to a corner and ordered you to stay still and keep your eyes on the wall. You promptly obeyed. Then, you heard him leave and fetch something from what sounded like a drawer. When he returned, you felt something sling across your body and begin to squeeze hard on your chest, neck, and thighs. Ludwig was putting more straps around you?

All of a sudden, you made a high-pitched mewing noise when you felt the ropes suddenly tighten around your limbs in binding knots as Ludwig began to tie the ropes together.

"Luddy! It hurts!" you cried.

"It wouldn't if you would stay still," Ludwig murmured into your ear.

You bit your lips together and tried to remain still, but when he would tighten the ropes in certain areas, you would reflexively squirm and moan.

What was this feeling? You didn't like having anything keeping you bound before so why did this feel…exhilarating?

Suddenly the ropes around your thighs moved closer to your groin as Ludwig tugged the ropes even tighter stimulating a sensual urge to have the ropes get even tighter. Your breasts felt like they were going to burst out of your thin clothes as the ropes around your chest wrapped around to a breaking point. The clothes were now a burden. You didn't want them on. You wanted to feel the friction of the ropes burning through your very flesh until it hurt. You wanted Ludwig to tie you up as tightly as possible until you threatened to run out of air.

"Luddy…" you whimpered. You attempted to turn around but then Ludwig forced you onto your knees and began to tie up your wrists in separate ropes. Next came a blindfold. It was dark. You couldn't see anything. You thought about panicking, but the very thought of knowing that Ludwig was with you made the experience a little less intimidating.

With the strength of the ropes nearly forcing your entire ribcage to cave in, your breathing came in short, excited gasps—but you liked it. You wanted more. Something was missing and whatever it was, you wished with all your heart that Ludwig could give it to you.

Then, you suddenly felt something tug against your neck causing you to nearly choke in surprise.

"Had enough?" Ludwig whispered into your ear in a soft, warm breath sending a thrilled shudder down your spine.

You took a moment to catch your breath, the collar still digging into your raw flesh.

"I've been bad," you breathed. "I did a lot of things I wasn't supposed to. I didn't listen to you."

You heard Ludwig chuckle with a malicious tone. "So you think you need to be punished even further?"

"Yes," you whispered. It wasn't right. It shouldn't have been right, but you said it anyway.

Unexpectedly, you felt a hand run trail down from your neckline to your breast and give it a good squeeze. You began to moan and cringe, your legs rubbing together hoping to get rid of the itching feeling beginning to arise from in between your thighs. Then, you felt something warm and wet slither to the back of your neck as a pair of lips began to suck on a tender spot stimulating even more irritation. You could smell the sharp scent of cologne on Ludwig's body; it was stronger that before because his body was getting so hot at the thought of being able to punish you like this. You could feel Ludwig petting your ears and giving them a good scratch making you purr with satisfaction.

Once he finished making quick work of your neck, Ludwig carried you off the floor and back onto the familiar cold surface of the table. You couldn't see anything, but you were able to hear what sounded like the rustling of clothes and the rummaging sound of a drawer. When you could smell Ludwig again, you heard him getting closer to you until you felt something cold touch the edge of your clothes. Then, with a swift snip, you felt a draft as Ludwig began to cut away at your clothing and tearing it into little pieces until your entire chest was exposed. After he finished removing all of your cloth, you could feel the roughness of the ropes that bound you scratching you're your skin. It was a turn-on. The pain was a pleasure and still unfulfilled. It was all you could do to wait until Ludwig finished working at your panties before feeling yourself being turned over on your stomach.

Then, out of nowhere, you heard a hard slap! and a lingering sting as something came down hard and fast onto your bare hindquarters. Ludwig had spanked you. It hurt. You could feel your eyes growing hot from the tears threatening to spill out. Was he going to do it again? You began to instinctively cringe from the anticipation. Part of you wanted him to do it again, part of you didn't. Which would come out to the top?

Another slapping noise, but it was softer and less impactful. It stung all the same, though, like a thin blade of grass cutting into your skin and leaving a sore gash in your side. You suppressed a mew, but the more times you were hit, the harder it became to hold it in until you let it out in one big cry. Your insides were scorching with an irritating heat. Unable to contain yourself, you could feel it oozing out from between your thighs spilling onto the table. With your back still facing him, you felt Ludwig grab your sides and pull you close until you felt something long and hard plunge inside of you. The more you could feel the thrust, the deeper it went, contacting a particularly sensitive spot close to the lower part of your opening.

Your mind was at the brink of exploding. Your lungs were cut short of air because of the bondage, your vision clouded over because of the blindfold, your instincts on fire because of the way Ludwig had stricken you and made you feel as both a submissive and an object of pleasure. Your spine tingled with an electrifying jolt as Ludwig went deeper, filling your ravenous appetite with a lustful feeling and getting closer to your core. All the while, you could feel him releasing more and more of his seed inside of you until it began to leak out in slow amounts mixing in with your own release. Your climax was building, ready to erupt for in one final moment at the though of being closer to Ludwig than ever before. Then, with a final cry, you reached the peak of your orgasm and completely lost control of your senses, collapsing on the stretching table. Ludwig had finished, too, his strong arms catching you in his hold and pressing you close to his muscular chest.

"Vell…" he panted trying to catch his breath. "How was zhat for a punishment?"

You waited for your breathing to steady itself before opening your mouth to speak.

"It wasn't bad…" you breathed exhausted from the ordeal.

"Try to stay out of trouble from now on," you heard Ludwig say, his breathing starting to even out.

You couldn't help but smile mischievously. "And what if I don't want to?"

There was a pause.

"Then I'll have to punish you again," Ludwig said fingering the collar that was still on your neck.

"Mmm, I'm not a nice kitty, Luddy," you mewed. You purred when you felt Ludwig scratch your ears.

"You can say that again, __________," he chuckled and held you close until the two of you fell asleep.
This is a request for :iconmusic7887:.

I don't even know if this counts as romance. >.<

WTF did I write? :iconimdeadplz:It's my first lemon so I'm sorry if there are some bad parts.

Axis Powers: Hetalia-:iconhimaruyaplz:.
This story: TeralGeo.
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