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November 20, 2012
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You were on your way to class when you felt your cell phone vibrate in your pocket. Only one person would have had the audacity to steal a text to you during school hours.

Mathias Køhler.

You really regretted passing on your number to Gilbert for your project; Gilbert was one of Mathias' best buddies since he was in with the so-called Awesome Trio that drew all the girls towards them like honey to flies—or was it bees? Gilbert must've passed your number onto Mathias at some point. Never mind that; the point was, Mathias Køhler had your number, and you swore to all that was good and holy, he never stopped texting you day in and day out.

Using cell phones at school was against the rules, and you weren't about to breaking them just to read one of Mathias' gushy messages that probably had something like, "UR lookin good today  <3" or some generic crap like that. But wait…wouldn't that mean he saw you walking around campus at some point?

Curious, you whipped your head behind you to see if there was a familiar head of wild blonde hair standing above the crowd of students since Mathias was fairly tall for his age. If that wasn't enough, his loud voice cut through the entire crowd like a foghorn in a library. Fortunately for you, you didn't see anyone like that around, so maybe it wasn't one of those sappy messages from Mathias after all.

Every day, you made it a top priority to get to homeroom before Mathias—who was also in your homeroom class—did. If not, he would have tried to stick a flowery card in your desk or offer you a small bouquet of flowers or some other cliché crap that didn't appeal to you. Several of your female classmates always gawked at your ability to resist Mathias' several attempts to ask you out on a date, and why wouldn't they? While Mathias, being the obnoxious Dane that he was, could be loud and blunt, he was a hard worker who put his tasks at his top priority. It wasn't like he was stupid, either; his grades were at some of the highest positions in his class. Above all else, he was athletic and quite the charmer.

That's where you didn't understand where Mathias was coming from: what did a guy like him see in a girl like you? You might not have considered yourself to be too unattractive, and it's not like your grades were slipping, but after brushing him off time and time again, one would think that Mathias would give up and go for another girl.

After arriving into your homeroom class, you took a quick look around to make sure Mathias hadn't beaten you to your seat and scampered to your desk since the Dane was nowhere to be seen.

"Morning, ___________!" your friend, Bella, greeted you from the desk next to you. "Did you get another text from Mathias again?"

"Yeah…" you replied with a heavy sigh. "I don't know how he never gets caught texting during school hours. You'd think a teacher would have taken away his cell phone by now."

"Do you ever read the messages he sends you?" Bella asked suppressing an amused giggle.

You shook your head. "I just delete them. They're the same things over and over again. They got boring after the third text."

"Oh, but ____________..." Bella whined. "You're so lucky to get texted by Mathias. Just think of how many girls are jealous!"

You raised your eyebrow and smirked. "You mean like yourself?"

"I—oh, that was mean!" Bella pouted puffing her cheeks up like hamster. She looked adorable when she was annoyed so you often found ways to get her upset, but when she was really angry, then you knew to stay clear of her.

"Sorry, Bella," you laughed watching your friend's face turn a bright beet red, but in only a few seconds, your smile fell into a frown when a tall boy entered the classroom.

"Hey, ____________!" Mathias grinned waving at you from the entrance. "Did you get my texts?"

You rolled your eyes and slumped into your seats careful not to make any eye contact with Mathias.

Just keep your mouth shut, _____________, you told yourself. Remember what happened the last time you spoke to him, remember what happened the last time you spoke with him. You don't want that happening again, do you? No. So keep your mouth shut.

"_______________~" Mathias said your name in a singsong voice as he sat in the chair behind you. Unfortunately for you, since Mathias was the tallest guy in your homeroom class, he was always forced to sit in the back where you happened to sit. You always had to constantly look behind you to make sure he wasn't doing anything stupid to try and get your attention.

Don't say anything! you mentally shouted at yourself. Bella had also shut her mouth since you had told her not to convince Mathias into thinking you were interested in him.

"Aww, ____________, don't be such an ice queen. Look and see what I've got you," Mathias said from behind you with a childish whiny voice.

Ignore, ignore, ignore! To help distract yourself, you opened up a book and flipped to a random page hoping the contest could entertain you long enough before your teacher arrived.

"____________, whatcha reading?" Mathias asked. You heard him scoot out of his chair and lean forward so he could catch a glimpse at your book. You tried to bend down in your desk to hide you book and block out your view of the pestering Dane, but he casually moved your shoulder out of the way to get a better look.

"Isn't that Romeo and Juliet?" you heard Mathias chuckle now leaning almost right next to your cheek. "I didn't know you were interested in classic romances, _____________."

Crap! you yelled in your head. Of all the stories I could have picked from my lit. book!

"I like that story, too," Mathias said. "…Except the part where Romeo and Juliet kill themselves. That was a bummer."


"Wouldn't that be cute if we were that in love?" your Danish classmate asked in a dreamy voice. "I'd be the happiest man in the world if you'd say you love me."

Ha! As if!

"Hey, _____________, do you want to see what I got you or not?"



Beat it, Mathias!


I'm not listening! I'm not listening!

"Earth to _____________~"

"For crying out loud! Leave me alone, Mathias!" you nearly shouted at the top of your lungs causing all of your classmates' heard to turn in your direction. Before immediately shrinking back into your chair, you noticed Mathias was holding a cute little necklace with your very own birthstone on it. Deep down, from another person, you would have gladly accepted the gift, but you didn't want Mathias to think you were interested in him.

Not too long after you shouted at the annoying Dane, your teacher came in the room with his daily announcements. It was the usual generic stuff, but this time, the teacher had one last important announcement to make.

"Our school is going to be hosting a fair themed around old English culture," he said. "Our class has the honor of doing the play, Romeo and Juliet."

There was an excited buzz of murmurs and squeals coming from your fellow classmates. Who would get to play as Romeo and Juliet? You didn't know who would play Juliet, but you had a good guess as to who would be the best choice for Romeo…

"Today's homeroom discussion will focus on seeing who wants what parts for the play," your teacher continued. "We'll first start with nominations, and from there, we'll have a class vote on who will be selected for each part so we can start practicing as soon as possible."

"I nominate Mathias for Romeo!" Bella immediately said after the teacher finished speaking.

"Alright," the teacher said making a mark on the whiteboard. "Anyone else second that nomination?" Just about every hand except yours went up for the agreement of having Mathias playing Romeo as expected.

"Next, how about Juliet?"


"_______________!" you heard Mathias' loud voice shout from behind you making you wince in your seat.

"So we have Mathias nominating ____________ for Juliet," the teacher said making a mark on the board. "Does anyone else second that nomination?"

To your horror and surprise, almost everyone raised his or her hand in the classroom—including Bella. Why couldn't they pick someone else to play Juliet? Why did your class even have to be the one to host the play…? Did you have a say in this? Could you turn down the offer?"

"Mr. Vargas, could I ask you something?" you asked with your hand raised.

"Yes, ___________?"

"What if I didn't want to play as Juliet? Could I hand the part over to someone else?"

Your teacher shrugged. "If you don't want the part, then we can see who else wants it." He looked around the class. "Does anyone else want to take ___________'s place as being Juliet?"

As predicted, every other girl in the class raised her hand.

You heard Mathias snort from behind you. "If ___________ doesn't want to play Juliet, then I don't want to be Romeo."

Immediately after he said that, everyone's hands fell on their desk.

Mr. Vargas made some marks in his notebook. "It looks like Mathias will be playing Romeo and ____________ will be playing Juliet, then."


"Congratulations, _____________!" Bella squealed clapping her hands together in excitement.

"This is partially your fault!" you hissed at your friend while your teacher filled in for the rest of the cast of the play.

"What a coincidence!" Mathias laughed patting you on the back. "Since you were reading Romeo and Juliet, you'll have no problem getting Juliet in character! Maybe there'll even be a kissing scene!"

You wish, Mathias! you bitterly thought giving the beaming Dane a venomous glare.
This is the first part of a request for :iconpurpleflowerribbons:. I couldn't fit it into one part...^^;

She asked me to do a Denmark x Reader based on the song "Hey Juilet." It's a catchy song!

Axis Powers: Hetalia: :iconhimaruyaplz:.
Hey Juliet: LMNT.
This story TeralGeo.

Part 2:…
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AtlantisReturns Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
Romeo, Romeo, where far art thou Romeo?

This is really cute oh my Goddess! If it weren't for the fact Juliet is a whiny little girl with a puppy-love crush, I'd totally want to play as her. Also, "I didn't know you were into classic romances, Nita."  Romeo and Juliet is a tragedy, Mathias.
TeralGeo Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014
A part of his oblivious charm. :)
Zarekii Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"So we have Mathias nominating Juliet for Juliet"

My name is julieta(I'm Italian) but i guess it's the same X3
TeralGeo Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
How ironic. 
Sunflower826 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2013
So good!yayyyyy there's more :D
Swifti56 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
THAT SONG. so many feels :iconfeelsplz:
Mad-Manga-Bones Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2012  Hobbyist
I pray for reader-chan this turns out good and she changes her attitude
shhhhh2 Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012  Student
Holy crap I love this!!!!!!
TeralGeo Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2012
Thank you! :love:
Pacmannie Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
That was my life back in the day.

Soo many feels are coming back to me naow! :iconfliptableplz:
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